Reverse Osmosis

Compact RO systems for single households to commercial size capacity Reverse Osmosis mounted on Skids or ISO Norm containers for plug and play installations.

The purity of the water produced can only be compared with a few natural sources. Other areas of application can be found in the food industry (concentrating fruit juices), medicine (dialysis), wastewater recycling (e.g. in electroplating plants).

Assembled in Stainless Steel or Aluminum frames to guarantee longer shelf life of the skid mounted RO units. This also allows for the mobility of the RO units if required.


The RO process removes all dissolved substances mechanically. The raw water is pressed through a semi-permeable membrane, the pores of which are so fine that almost only water molecules penetrate. The remaining substances are not collected here, but are released into the wastewater. This means that the environment is not polluted by additives.

On an industrial scale, this process is even used to desalinate seawater. Reverse osmosis devices have proven themselves millions of times around the world.

Membrane technology has developed significantly in recent years. While cellulose acetate membranes have been in use in recent years, the polysulfone membrane has established itself on the market in recent years. The membrane is a complex structure. The average lifespan of the membranes we use is approx. 5 to 7 years when used under the recommended applications.

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