Sewage Treatment Plant, Eko Tower II

Delivery of a fully biological compact wastewater treatment plant. The plant is equipped with the state of the art Micro Clear® – membrane filter units and is designed to treat the domestic wastewater from a tower. In the tower there are offices and apartments. The tower is situated in new modern part of the city of Lagos.

The plant consists of 4 plastic tanks, which are made of wastewater resistant polyethylene. It is composed of: 2 pc. activation tanks (each 12 m³ volume), 1 pc. MBR tank (9 m³ volume) and 1 pc. equalisation tank (12 m³ volume).

The raw wastewater flows through the gravity channel into the lifting station. From this station the wastewater is pumped via sewage pumps into the wastewater treatment plant (across the fine screen). Because of ultrafiltration, it isn’t necessary to retreat or disinfect the wastewater.

More features are: Plug and Play, modular, fully automatic, remote control, SCADA system and consistent stock of spare parts.